Concealer Foundation - 1.0
Concealer Foundation - 1.0

Concealer Foundation - 1.0

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  • Aleph Concealer / Foundation is a multi-use premium product that self-adjusts to your skin. Long wearing with a light weight velvety texture. 

    1.0 is a light neutral tone suited to fair skin. 

    Made in New Zealand using 100% natural ingredients. Aleph products have been formulated with expertise and ingredients proven to protect against environmental toxins, regenerate cellular energy and work to increase collagen production. 

    Some of the star ingredients include a particular algae extract known for its collagen enhancing and rejuvenating properties , coq10 for to help support the skins structure, and Totarol for its potent anti-bacterial properties.

    Use your every-day foundation to not only protect your skin and make it look its best immediately, but the active ingredients are included to help keep you skin looking better and better over time.


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